Resources – great for live streaming your data. – makes your dweet streaming data into a great dashboard of gauges. – Log in to claim your photon and read all the help documents.

sparkfun data – This will allow you to collect your data with a time stamp and then download it to a spreadsheet.

technical documentation on shinyei– Written by Tracy Allen and is a great read if you are an electrical engineer.– A nice tutorial on how to read P1 on an arduino. – A nice tutorial that uses both P1 and P2 to read two sizes of air particles.

Metalmunition – part of Dustduino.

Pickle Jr. –  This is where the idea for the resistor on pin 5 came from.

David Holstius – Need to read a Ph.D on the shinyei sensor, here ya go. – another shinyei sensor tutorial.

Groove Dust Sensor Wiki – contains sensor info as well as company spec sheet.

aqicn sensor review – lots of good info on different sensors including the shinyei

Research paper on calibration

Thesis on the sensor and AirBeam


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