My name is Brock Hammill and I am a high school science teacher in Corvallis, MT.  I have worked with the University of Montana and the Center for Environmental and Health Sciences.

Through this partnership I have learned about air pollution and have had the opportunity to teach my high school students about air pollution problems in our rural Montana valley. I have also been trained on how to use a Dusttrak II and a Dylos air sampler.  These are nice pieces of equipment but they are expensive and not web enabled.

This lead to my research into low cost particulate sensors.  I found a large community of people from around the world trying to make citizen powered air monitors.  They were getting pretty good results that were being supported by research grade work on calibration and design.

I ordered a few parts and started trying to make it work.  The learning curve was pretty steep.  I knew how to code a little bit and I knew a little bit less about hardware design.  A lot of research and trial and error got me to the point where I was getting results that were on par with a Dusttrak.

Now to bring it to the classroom and the world.  I am hoping others can help make it even better.


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